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(One  of  Life's  great  adventures)

Vision:   A training facility for the ministers of the future in the transport industry and specifically within this ministry. 

As there is no success without successors, Big Rig Bible College will play a key role in the longevity of this vision.


Mission:   Provision of training that is theologically sound, culturally relevant and productive in application. 

Building people who will  build the future.


Concept:   A series of certified modules leading to a diploma and or degree in practical ministry within the trucking industry.  


Reason:  As the growth of Faith Freighters and the duplication   process of 5th Wheel Worship Centers rolls out, we are going to need trained people who understand not only the practical aspects of the ministry, but the heart and culture of the vision as well.    Our goal is not for our graduates to end up as theologians - we are   looking to create and build  “fishers of men with breaking nets”.  It is my belief that God wants to minister not just to truckers but through  truckers.     

Equipping believers will be a major focus of this ministry.


Earn & Learn:  A full time course where the theory and practice are of equal value.  5thWWC Students will work part time and study part time on site at the college facility.   Course fees will be deducted from pay, thus avoiding debt. Work affords the opportunity to minister through service and workplace assessment becomes part of the overall course.

Over The Road students:   It is our desire to be able to establish a working  relationship with one or more trucking companies to create an “earn & learn” program that will see students combine driving and  education; students that begin with a bigger reason than just driving a truck.  

Big Rig Bible College’s  Over The Road Learning  would be packaged as a complete Christian adventure.  Students would be supported by study mentors and companies interested in building people.  

For younger people, young married or retired couples it would be an opportunity to combine education with productivity and a sound   investment plan that would see them able to establish themselves financially at the conclusion of study. It would also be a recruiting bonus for trucking companies involved. Options on completion of courses would be to continue working and investing while still ministering on the road or come off the road and move into a role with 5thWWC or other ministry. The whole exercise would be the basis for a long term documentary series on a ‘warts and all’ working faith.


Courses:   Various levels of study to suit - Earn & Learn  (local & OTR) and Distance Courses specifically to facilitate drivers and anyone that chooses to participate


Training Materials:  Because all driver students will need to study on the run, we’ll put the most gifted, anointed teachers of The Word and of the Christian Life right in the cab with them.   Resources are plentiful and authority for accreditation from diploma to PhD.  

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