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National Care Network

where  our  heart   hits  the  road

If a truck gets a flat tire or breaks down there's an 800 number to call to get help immediately. What happens when the driver breaks down or something goes wrong with the family and there's a thousand miles between them. Who is there to call? Faith Freighter's national care network is for exactly that purpose. To be the mate with faith in a time of need. Our aim is to be able to put people face to face anywhere in America in a time of crisis or need. There is something comforting about knowing that your loved ones are being cared for when hard times hit. 

10000 Prayer terminals

"Where two and three are gathered in my name there am I in the midst" - Jesus 

These small groups/teams/chapters will be the background of our care network. They could be in a trucker's home, lunch break groups at trucking companies, church small groups or other locations. Across the country they'll provide prayer support, hospital visitations, local contact and distribution network of ministry materials like "Diesel & Destiny"

A faith response

Whenever a truck goes over or employees are hospitalized, we want to build relationships within the industry so that people think to call us as a matter of care to the injured. We want to be in a position to send appropriate card or flowers to the injured or the their family when injury or death becomes a reality to them.

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